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History of Kilgore National Bank

Kilgore National Bank was founded by a group of individuals who recognize a need for personalized, responsive customer service in the local banking community. Each of the founding directors were not only successful business people in their own right, but were also long-time Kilgorites who had been involved in bank ownership in the past. The decision was made to open a true "community bank", and in November 2000 the first newly chartered bank in East Texas in over 20 years was opened.

The organizers knew that one of the keys to success was to staff the bank with the highest quality talent available. We believe that our officers and employees represent the best in the banking environment. All are committed to personalized customer service, and each have many years of banking experience under their belts.

Kilgore National Bank not only offers an opportunity to do business with friendly folks who are attuned to the needs of the local community, but also provides a full range of banking services.